About Jo
Jo Leviten

Jo Leviten is an award-winning, honours graduate of the world renowned Glasgow School of Art. She has a wealth of experience in the field of design, designing schemes for both the domestic landscape and the commercial environment; from entire project design and management right down to designing or commissioning unique design elements such as bespoke items of furniture and site specific artworks and sculpture.
When it comes to designing homes, Jo asserts:
“The most charismatic homes are those where the personality of the owners is allowed to shine through; it is therefore of utmost importance to spend time with a client, listening, observing their lives in motion, taking note of the objects that populate their existing environment, gathering material that will inform the design of their new space, ensuring that the form of that design will follow the function of the client’s life.”
When working with commercial clients Jo has a perspective that recognises their operational needs, whether designing a purely commercial office space or a public or leisure space.
“When designing a public leisure space like a bar or restaurant, there are a number of outcomes that a client might want to achieve, - a requirement for a tranquil, relaxing space or a space that will excite and inspire people; they will most certainly want a space that will function well and enable their business to flourish and appeal to as wide a customer base as possible. To achieve success, it is vital to listen to the client, and from their voice, work to form a concept and create a vision – for there to be success, there has to be a clearly articulated vision.”